Meaning Behind the Brand

Now you may be wondering, where did the logo and name “Smoky Ridge" come from, and what exactly does the brand symbolize? To sum it up very shortly, setting life changing goals and maintaining the determination to achieve those goals has always been extremely important to me. I wish to use my inner ambition and motivating spirit to empower others to achieve anything that they set their mind to through my brand. 

Among this journey that we call life, we tend to set goals for ourselves. These goals serve a wide variety of purposes and can range anywhere from maintaining a specific GPA, arriving to work 5 minutes early every day, reading a new book, dropping a bad habit, or simply becoming a better overall person, just to name a few. But realistically speaking, how many of the most monumental goals in human history were simple and easy to achieve without an unstoppable mindset?

The answer… ZERO.

In many ancient societies, the ram has been a long-held symbol of determination, action, initiative, and leadership. From my perspective, the ram on top of the mountain symbolizes the sense of pride and confidence associated with achieving a life changing goal. The ram stands tall and knows all of the obstacles it has conquered among its journey to the top. That is why I chose this specific animal to represent what I believe in.

The term “Smoky” metaphorically describes the obstacles and hardships that arise throughout the process of completing a life-changing goal. These drawbacks may blur the optimism toward the vision that one had originally set which can make the road to success even more difficult. The “Rise to the Top” is never an easy one, and I believe that we all have experienced these difficulties in some way, shape, or form. These problems may seem to constantly arise, but there has never been, and will never be a straight path to success without any troubles along the way. In order to reach the top, you must remain persistent with your positive actions despite any adversity.

The term “Ridge” refers to the pinnacle of success and sense of self pride that is brought about when an individual finally achieves the goal that they have worked so hard to accomplish. This boundless feeling of personal satisfaction can be the motivating factor that pushes someone to continue living their life to their fullest potential, while going above and beyond and letting nothing stop them along the way.

When you combine the two terms, “Smoky Ridge” you have, in just two simple words, the verbal symbolism of both the obstacles (the smoke) that arise while working toward achieving a goal, and the peak (ridge) in which you realize how far you have improved the overall quality of your life along the way. Our brand name unified with the prominent Ram overlooking the mountaintop stands as a reminder that you can conquer anything you put your mind to.

When people wear Smoky Ridge clothing, I want them to feel determined to take the initiative to do whatever it is that inspires them in their lives. I want everyone to become the ram that conquers every obstacle that may arise within their journey and take action toward achieving their wildest dreams. I want EVERYONE to know that anything is possible. Most of all, I want everyone to know that they are not alone on their difficult journey. Life continually throws problems at each and every one of us, and it is not about the type of problems that emerge - it is about the mindset you create when choosing how to handle the adversity that defines your true character. Chasing your dreams is not easy, but with an unstoppable mindset, IT CAN BE DONE.

 Explore, Innovate, Rise.

Explore the world and the new opportunities that come along with it.

Innovate and create your own path toward personal fulfillment.

Rise and overcome adversity to reach your full potential.


If you believe in yourself every single day, you will be unstoppable.


Derek LaBean (@labean14)

Founder of Smoky Ridge Outfitters, LLC